Green Stories

Birds Rescue


The story began with as Prof. Rajesh Prasad spotted a small size premature female purple sunbird baby bird jumping around and unable to fly high but limping around nearby bushes outside the IIT Staff Canteen. After making calls to some of environment our team members, he offered to look after the baby as Sir had to leave for some urgent work. After chasing the baby for 30 minutes and making sure it does not go anywhere, suddenly I got a call asking if I knew anything what could be done next.


Although I had taken care of a bird earlier but unfortunately I did not got any clue what to be done when it is still immature and who needs constant feeding so finally brought along bottle of water to feed .


After placing the baby in an empty carton box so that we can think what can be done next we got stressed. The constant fluttering making the bird more panic was not a pleasant feeling and felt like torturing. Soon I gave a call to my other biodiversity team member Manish for help after taking advice from Prof. Surya Prakash and finally we decided to dig out an earthworm and give glucose water by a dipper available at the dispensary.

Our primary concern was to see the baby needs space to move around and need to gain its trust rather make her close to us; we decide to leave in the classroom of workshops WS101.

With its tiny legs, it climbed every step to reach out the closed window and was desperate to fly out of the glass window. It kept trying to poke its beak expecting the glass to break and get freed. Manish held her and made her sit on one of the bench. We got the dipper and eventually she started drinking tiny droplets.


Finally she was no hungrier at all. Tired from hopping around, she slept for 20 min totally forgetting where and whom she was with. After waking up she seemed to fly better. We realized her parents must have lost her so they canít be too far. She started making calls making it easy for her parents to identify. Manish knew they must in the south corner of the sports ground with his experience of birding. When we reached, she immediately flew to one of the branches and kept calling out for her parents.


Noticing no one around for few minutes we decided to walk away so that the parents can come without being alarmed of our presence and soon the father came, the first thing he did was to feed the baby. Later came the mother and kept feeding taking turns


Such a natural and stupendous visual feast to watch and feel the bonding and care of the offspring was amazing experience.


~Akhila Komarika