Green Week

Green Week is an annual event that celebrates efforts by various NGOs and students in ecological preservation and in increasing environmental awareness on the campus. A number of renowned NGOs actively campaigning for environmental consciousness have been invited on campus to give a series of talks and lectures will be conducted.
Events NGO/Organisation Event Date & Day Time Venue
Waste Management Vatavaran 17th August, Monday 6:30 PM 3 LT2
Green rural Community Digital Green 18th August, Tuesday 6:00 PM 3 LT1
Solid and Electronic Waste Management Chintan 19th August, Wednesday 6:00 PM 3 LT1
Sustainability and Social Responsibilities CSE 20nd August, Thursday 6:30 PM 3 LT2
Climate Change By Numbers NSS 21st August, Friday 5:00 PM -
Save Water Your well wisher program 22nd August, Saturday 5:00 PM 3 LT1
Animal Cruelty PETA 23rd August, Sunday 5:00 PM 3 LT1
Duration: 1.5 Hours
NSS Hours will be provided