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It's indeed a great pleasure to inform you regarding the initiatives of Sustainable IITD. Sustainable IITD solely works in the field of Environment and over a wide range of green activities, campaign and projects and on top of it the sustainability programs at IIT Delhi campus.

SUSTAINABLE IITD aims to motivate students to indulge in environmental activities through various events, projects and volunteering opportunities with different Environment related NGOs. We are dedicated towards working in environment sector leading a green drive at campus, pursuing green cause through research initiatives and awareness programs and undertaking victory march towards sustainability, self-sufficient campus and above all, a green Earth.

The detailed report and analysis of each projects have been uploaded here. Please go through the Project reports section.

We, the IIT Delhi Community, are fully set to launch an aggressive drive to go green and establish a "green office" dedicated towards undertaking and monitoring green initiatives, awareness programs, campaigns and encourage the use of green technology within the campus.

We would like to invite all interested Students, Professors, Staff to guide us, work with us and "Be the green change we wish to see."

Lets each one of us become Green Ambassador!

Go Green.

There is sufficient in the world for man's need but not for man's greed. Â

~Mohandas K. Gandhi

Thanking you.

Hoping for positive response

Sustainable IITD Team